Pay Anything

I want you to be able to play my games for free.

After you’ve played them, if you like them, I’d love you to pay anything you want to for them.


  • Write me some feedback, point me in the direction of good writers, good games, good music, good films and good coffee.​
  • Send me a funny picture you liked, a story you wrote, something you drew, an article you enjoyed, a song you sang.
  • How about sharing a fun moment in your life with me, or your favourite picture of you, or of anyone else.
  • Tell me about your day, your dreams for tomorrow or write me a limerick. Or a haiku.
  • Tell me a joke, send me a steam key, a gift card, a discount voucher for the bakery around the corner from you.
  • Ask for my address and send me a postcard or a red paper clip. Invite me to a beta, tell me about a cool podcast, a comic or a magazine.
  • Download the game again from and pay some dollars, or just tell a friend about it.

Pay anything.